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Pay Per View setup
Pay Per View in action
Pay Per View in action
Pay Per View in action
“Pay Per View” Outreach and Funding Program
The Power of Video
Try Pay Per View at your next event!

Compassion for Animals has done this with excellent results, and we'd love it if you would try it, too. People were shocked and horrified, and some were moved to tears. They brought their relatives and friends to watch. They understood why we were promoting veganism. We felt it was really effective, well worth the cost.

At the table we put up a couple of big signs:

We'll pay you $1.00 in cash to watch this 4-minute video!
Warning: graphic material. One per customer.
For venues in which children would likely be present, we replaced the last line with:
One viewing per customer.
PG-14 (graphic material): Children under 14 must have consent of parent or supervising adult.

We made a little viewing booth out of three pieces of black foam board, set up so that passers-by had to make an effort to see the TV screen.

We used PETA's "Meet Your Meat." We said to people who expressed interest, “If you watch and listen to the 4-minute cattle section, we'll give you a dollar. There's a 4-minute section on pigs after that which you're welcome to watch, but you don't have to.” (Most did.) [We're now showing a condensed version of Mercy For Animals' "Farm to Fridge" video (wmv/mpg), which has more recent footage, or FARM's 10 Billion Lives video, which was made especially for Pay Per View outreach.]

We put a dollar bill inside our favorite vegan flier, handed it to them, and thanked them for watching. If they were interested in learning more or were particularly upset, we talked to them but weren't pushy. We gave them vegan starter kits, recipes, restaurant guides, etc. and answered questions.

No angry fair officials, as far as we know. No angry parents—they got to decide if their kids could watch.

You may be be able to get your Pay Per View event funded! is accepting applications for funding for video outreach events. This page has instructions and tips for setting up and running a successful Pay Per View event, and applying for funding..

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